The Vatican Museums – three fascinating words which sparkle shouts of exuberance from tourists coming from all over the world. The Vatican Museums, in essence, are an oasis of the most celestial and pristine collections of artwork and artifacts in the world. Here are 10 Vatican museum tour tips that you want to keep in mind while visiting the Museums because trust me, you do not want to miss out on any of its magnificence.

The Dress Code

While the dress code is strict, it is rather simple. The Vatican Museums –requires both the men and women to cover their knees and shoulders. So, it would be advisable to follow the cultural norms that is maintained by everyone visiting these museums.


Though the views of the Vatican museums are heavenly, the long lines of people are not. Most of the tourists try to be smart and be there early in the morning or around 1-2 pm, but the really smart ones know that the best way is to buy the ticket to visit Vatican museum and skip the line.


Even if you’re intending to avoid the queues, don’t come too late. The ticket office closes at 4 pm and the Vatican Museums close at 6 pm. So try to be present before 3 pm if you intend to explore the whole museum.

A Serene VISIT

The Museums of Vatican are immensely popular with tourists all around the year and an integral part of their Vatican City tours. So, if you are looking for a quieter visit, your best bet would be to visit during the low season between November and February.


The best part of Vatican tours is it gives you plenty of opportunities to save money. On the last Sunday of each and every month, entrance to the Vatican Museums is free during opening hours, which is from 9 am until 12:30 pm.

This is a great way of saving money, but be warned, these free days are also the most popular. If you’d rather avoid the large crowds, you’re better off going on a regular day to enjoy your outing to the fullest.


Big sized umbrellas, tripods or even backpacks must be left inside a cloakroom on entering Vatican Museum. To reduce any disruption for you, we recommend you to not take any large commodity during your visit to the museums.


Luggage storage is not available. So it’s better that you leave your luggage in your hotel Room and have a better experience of the sheer delight that these museums Offer.


A fair amount of walking is involved and there will be stairs between different levels. So, one of the most important Vatican museum tour tips would be to keep yourself hydrated.


It is forbidden to consume food and drink inside the exhibition halls. You can, however, store any type of food and/or drink in your possession in the cloakroom free of charge.


Animals, even small ones, cannot access the museums, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind or partially-sighted. But if your pet is equipped with a muzzle and lead, and got a certified purpose of pet therapy then you can actually savour your moments with it.

All you got to do is submit an email to  to enable reception entry in reception and entry in these cases. But keep in mind that you have to send the email at least one day in advance.

Having known how to go about the Vatican Museum visit, it simply goes without saying that you’re about to enter into a mesmerizing journey.

So, are you ready to embrace this remarkable tour?

You think there are more tips that one should know before visiting the Vatican museum? Let us know in your comment below.