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Plan your perfect Rome trip on the right note

With Rome Tour Tickets, you never have to worry about your ideal trip.We’ll take care of everything. To learn more about how we operate. check out below FAQs

Our every tour is designed with a smaller group size. Minimum 2 members were needed to operate the tour. But there are exceptions. Some tours require a group to operate. So that time the participant number can be increased.

The operating day depends on the tour you choose. The date and time change depending on the season. We refer you to go our tour page and in the tour booking area, you will see the running days for the chosen date of the tour.

Again tour time is different based on the tour you select. If you choose the morning tour the start time will be different from the night tour. We refer to visiting our tour page where our start times are given on that tour.

The reason can be no availability of the tour left due to the tour group seat being full or due to any climate change, the venue is closed or any conflicts happen on the destination.

If your tour featured any church visit, it’s mandatory for men and women both to wear modest clothes that cover their shoulders and knees.

Most Vatican city attractions, such as the Sistine Chapel, required modest attire to visit. As a result, knowing and adhering to the correct dress code is required while visiting certain locations.

Our Rome Tour Tickets guide will be at the tour destination waiting for you on the outside holding a sign with Rome Tour Tickets written on it. When you reach the meeting point, you will easily recognize the tour guide. If you face any issue, call us at +39 389 892 2088.

It is advisable to reach the tour meeting point 25 minutes prior. It will be the customer’s responsibility to be there on time. If you arrive late, we are sorry we cannot accommodate you as we are already left with other participants in the tour destination. And that tour ticket price would not be refunded.

Some of our tours include complimentary breakfast and lunch serving facilities and some tours don’t. And our tour guide will be delighted to take you to the famous restaurants in that destination to get an experience of Italy’s popular delicacy. So don’t hesitate to ask away.

Please contact our customer care about that incident. We will arrange a pick-up at your hotel if you have already left for the hotel.

Yes, the tour will continue for every season. We advise the participant to check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. For any worst case, we will reschedule the tour accordingly.

Yes, we do. Currently, our private tour offer is open for many destinations. You can select the tour you want from the ‘choose your tour’ area. If you have any specific tour requirements, kindly email us or call us at +39 389 892 2088.

Our personalized tours are designed to give you the best tour experience. You will be acquainted with the modern air-conditioned coach and a complimentary audio headset to ensure you won’t miss out on any detail. You can enjoy an exclusive lunch at some authentic Roman eatery. There will be complimentary hot drinks on cold days and gelato on hot summer days. If you want to tailor anything just contact us. Based on your budget, tour selection we will have it for your trip.

Explore the mesmerizing city with a small group of 6 people at maximum. With the small group alongside you will receive undivided deliberation from our expert tour guide.

  • You can gain access to exclusive experience with us. With a group tour, you can miss out on the incredible experience that is exclusively set up for private tours, such as wine tasting and lunch at a classic restaurant.
  • You will be aware of all the wonderful insights of every ancient sights. Also, get the chance to be involved in the local activities.
  • You can engage in fun and interactive itineraries.
  • We understand not everyone is interested in taking part in every activity we have designed for them. And that’s when private tours really shine. You can customize your itinerary just the way you want it to be. Our team here will help you to arrange it for you.

Yes, there are plenty. On the private tour, you will have a professional tour guide who can guide you to explore the place in a more personalized way than any group tour. The itineraries here can be re-arranged based on your desire. You can experience all the ancient history in a less crowded way and be able to enjoy everything at your own pace. Group tour included a maximum of 25 participants per tour, here you don’t get that personalized feeling that a private tour can give you.

Advance booking ensures a more organized private tour for you. You have to book the tour for at least 24 hours before. Booking in advance allows greater accessibility of the tickets, professional guides, and so on.

We are not involved in purchasing flights for you, but if you need advice on booking your flight, let us know. We will assist you in choosing the best flights and deals for you.

We do not book hotels for travelers. But we help you with our short-listed hotels that you can use for your stay in Italy.

Yes, we will arrange lunch for you at some Italian restaurant to have the taste of their famous and delicious food. Along with that, you will have some finest wine tasting experiences.

Definitely. Just inform us during your booking of our private tour. We’ll make sure your meal meets your requirements.

All the bookings will occur on our website. Just go to the specific tour page that you want to take, pick a suitable time & date for the schedule, and make the reservation. If you face any issue in doing the above steps, just knock on our customer care team. We are happy to guide you in completing the process. Also, we can take your reservation over the phone. There you can make your special request as well.

We always advise our customers to book any tour in advance. That way you can easily avail that tour and can get a professional guide along with it.

We are strongly against this. And we suggest our customers book in advance before arriving at the meeting point. As we cannot assure you that there will be any space left for you.

We happily accommodate you on your last-minute bookings. Please do remember to book any tour at least 48 hours before the tour. If you can’t find the tour you want to take due to last-minute booking, we can suggest to you something alternative suitable for your needs.

Note: No refund policy or cancellation policy will be applicable for last-minute bookings.

If you face any issues when doing online booking, please contact our customer care team to complete your reservation. Issues might happen due to unstable internet connections. Kindly email us at to get the issue sorted.

While doing online booking, you will receive a mobile voucher for the tour confirmation. If you haven’t received it yet, please contact our customer care.

Yes, it is necessary to bring the confirmation voucher with you. As it contains all the necessary information about the tour including maps directions.

Our online bookings accept payment via PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express. No cash payment in the destination is acceptable.

Don’t worry. Our website is completely secure and your every information will be protected. And your credit card information won’t be saved on our system.

Yes. We always try our best to run every tour on time. However, in certain circumstances, it may delay for a few minutes.

Free reservation is applicable for children aged 0 to 4 years. Above that, every single person has to pay the fee.

Yes, we have some private tour options that run in the afternoon. To avail of the afternoon tour please visit the relevant tour page and by using the calendar choose the suitable date.

Yes, we have an optional hotel transportation service available. Such service comes with extra fees.

If you want to avail of this service, choose it during the tour booking process. This service covers pick-up from the hotel and drop-off from the attraction back to the hotel.

Airport pickup is also available, from Rome to anywhere in Italy.

We also offer transportation services during some sightseeing tours. Visit our tour page, to know more about it.

Yes, you can take pictures in maximum places and inside the monument. But certain places have some restrictions. At the Sistine Chapel, photography is strictly prohibited. And some galleries don't allow photography with flash on.

Depending on the availability, we are happy to assist you with such a request. Contact our customer care team for additional booking.

Yes, you can. To cancel your booking please contact our customer care team via phone or email.

Based on our standard cancellation policy you have to cancel the booking more than 24 hours before the tour. Only then your tour cancellation request will be accepted and the tour amount will be refunded. This is applicable only for general tours and tickets.

In the case of private tours, for some tours we offer partial refunds which will be decided upon mutual discussion.

The tour cancellation and refund policy decisions are dependent on the type of tours you have taken, type of booking, uncertain events, government policy and so on. To learn more about our cancellation policy, visit:

The tour has ‘All Sales Final’ status and will not fall under refund policy. That means if you cancel such a tour your paid amount will not be refunded.

At nighttime you will get exclusive tour experience. It is always a blend of history, art and amazing stories. These after hour tours spare you from daytime crowds and heat. You can now explore every corner of ancient monuments of Rome at your own pace.

Nighttime tours give a unique experience that cannot be matched by daytime tours. Here you will be able to see every antique landmark illuminated in a golden hour glow. You can stroll around the ancient roads which get even more mysterious as darkness falls.

Yes. Our every night time tour arrangement is appropriate to visit by children ages seven and up. All of our tours are educational and engaging, so children can participate in any hands-on activity here. It is advisable that every child should be accompanied by an adult.

Yes we have an amazing moonlight walking tour at Colosseum Underground and Arena Floor. The tour duration is 1:15 hours and is available for certain times of the year.

From July 17 to October 30, 2021, every Friday and Saturday from 20.00 to 24.00, you can take this night underground tour with the final entry at 10.30pm.

And from November 5 to January 8, 2022, every Friday and Saturday from 18.00 to 22.00, you can avail this tour with the final entry at 20.30.

Yes, we have an exclusive Friday night tour at Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. This is a 2-hours tour where you will get jaw-dropping experience with skip-the-line access. Join us on this fascinating night-time guided tour, which takes place every Friday evening throughout the months of May, June, July, September, and October.

Yes, we have a VIP small group tour at the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. This after-hour tour lets you admire the masterpieces without any hustling. In this tour, you will get undivided attention from the experienced tour guide and offer a personalized experience.

Tours that start early in the morning are reason enough to remove your covers to hide from the sun heat. As the rest of the world is sleeping, you can freely explore the quiet hallways, silent churches, and tranquil gardens. Most of our early morning tours started before 8 a.m. And you will have extra time to explore around the rarely set foot corridors.

The tour started at 7:30 AM and always included complimentary Italian breakfast. For example, our Early morning small group tour at Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s has an exclusive breakfast at our Vatican office.

Yes, there are hotel pick-up and drop-off options available. This is an optional service that you need to select when booking your tour. Extra fees will be charged for that.

Our early morning tours are typically for the people who book in advance. As the tour availability is extremely limited. And the tour participant number is also limited, not more than 22 people. This is the best type of tour for you, if you are looking for the full attention of the tour guide and want to explore around at your own pace.

Our early morning tour generally started before 7:30 a.m. which is often followed by a complimentary breakfast next door to our Vatican office.

Yes, we recommend you book in advance for our early morning tour, as it is not available every day and has limited space. To make sure the tour is available for you, book early as possible and prepay.

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