A. After booking you’ll receive one email from us. Here’s what to expect:

1) Receipt: Right after you book, we’ll email you a receipt to confirm your booking submission and payment.

It’s a good idea to keep these email for your records. Your voucher is especially important because it contains the details of the activity departure location and contact information for the local supplier in case of an emergency.

If you need to find your voucher again, it’s easy: just log in to your Customer Profile on RomeTourTickets.com and navigate to “orders area.” There, you’ll see all of your past and upcoming bookings and vouchers.

Your booking will be automatically confirmed as soon as you submit your booking. You’ll get an email notification after completing the payment process. Please save this receipt as you’ll need to show this before starting your tour.

When you make a booking, you can pay with a VISA or MasterCard credit card, or with PayPal. Keep in mind that RomeTourTickets is located in Europe, and some banks and credit cards may charge a transaction fee for international payments. Please contact your card provider directly for further information about transaction fees.

Yes. By using our secure online payment system, your payment information is encrypted, you are secured against fraud, and you can make date changes or early cancellations at no cost

If you need to contact us about your booking, you’ll need to provide us with your reference number so that we can find your booking details. Your reference number can be found in the email receipt you received after submitting a booking. Your reference number always begins with the letters “Order#.”

Yes, it is possible to make the change by contact with with us. Please go to the Contact Us page and send us an email with your new time and date. Don’t forget to mention your order number started with Order#

Yes, the online reservation allows you to skip the line of entrance to the Museum.

No, it is not possible. They have to purchase a full fare ticket.

No, you don’t. They can enter with your group, unless specifically requested.

No, you don’t, they can enter for free with your group.

Yes, it is possible for children between 6 and 18 years of age and students up to 25 years of age with a student identity document to be shown on the day of the visit.

Yes, of course. Correctly specifying participants’ names is mandatory, the names won’t be displayed in the voucher itself: they are stored in our information systems to allow verification by museum’s staff.