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Gladiator Gate & Arena Floor Special Access with Guided Tour

Colosseum, Piazza del Colosseo, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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3 hours

Get VIP Gladiators entrance with a Colosseum guided tour. Enter the world’s biggest and oldest amphitheater through the Gladiators gate and visit Rome’s iconic landmarks with Skip the Line Entry Tickets. This tour comes with an expert guide who is well-known about the ancient history of Rome’s gladiator past and can bring those times back to life before your eyes.

Tour Itinerary

Tour Duration:

3:00 hours

Meeting Point:

Via Frangipane, 30, 00184 Roma, RM, Italy

Meeting Time:

25 minutes before the tour start time

Group Size:


Tour Guide:

Expert local English-spoken Guide

Starting Time:

Traveler can choose their convenient time

Route map of this Tour

First Destination: Colosseum

This 3:00 hours tour takes you to the Arena floor from the Gladiators Gate. Our professional guide will be with you. With a fast-track entrance, you don’t have to wait in line. Just access through the Gladiators Gate and get the chance to explore the arena floor.

The Main Attractions here:

The Arena Floor

It is the exact spot where the gladiators fought. Avoid the crowd and directly walk onto the Arena Floor. Here you will get the chance to visit the largest amphitheater majesty at its former glory.

Colosseum First Floor

Visit this enormous Amphitheater where senators, spectators sit to enjoy the gladiators game. This Amphitheater can welcome over 21,000 spectators. This level will give you an exclusive opportunity to get a mesmerizing view of the Colosseum.

Colosseum Second Floor

Spectators take their seats here based on the Roman social scale. This Amphitheater can welcome spectators through a series of arches, doors, and stairs. You will get the chance to sit here and by hearing those ancient stories from the expert guide you will feel the chill of gladiator battles. Also get stunning pictures while sitting here.

Second Destination: Roman Forum

After an exclusive visit to the Colosseum, enrich your knowledge about Roman’s fascinations on art, politics, and religions at Roman Forum. Explore the ruins of the Roman republic to gain experience of Roman democracy. It’s the home of a bustling marketplace and special events.

Third Destination: Palatine Hill

Continue your Colosseum journey to one of the Rome Seven Hills. From here you will get a stunning view of the Roman Forum and Circus maximus. Once wealthy Roman families used to have houses here. Not today you will see that but many archaeological beauty lies here that you got to know from the professional tour guide.

At the end of the tour, we will go back to the starting point. From here you can stroll at your own pace to see the other ancient sights that Rome has to offer.

What’s Inside the Colosseum Guided Tour

Explore the Colosseum via the ‘Gladiator’s Gate’ and walk in the footsteps of Gladiators. Here you can follow the footsteps of the Gladiators and tread on the same floor where they once marched on as they prepared for the battles. This tour not only includes the skip-the-entry, but you can also visit the Colosseum Arena Floor which was once not publicly accessible. Embrace the World’s largest amphitheater through the Gladiator’s entrance without wasting time standing in the queue.

Listen to your professional English spoken guide on how they unveil the story of the brutality and mightiness of Roman civilization. Right from the entrance gate of death, you can reach straight to the Arena floor. In the spot once Gladiators and exotic animals battled. You can surely feel the chill when you get the chance to stand on this retractable floor. All those stories of fighting will come alive in front of your eyes. This exclusive skip-the-line tour at Colosseum surely makes the most unique experience that you would never want to miss out on.

Colosseum in Rome

Colosseum, the origin of the biggest Amphitheater, is situated just on the east side of the Roman Forum. Constructed in the Flavian dynasty by Emperor Vespasian as a symbol of gift to the Roman people for entertainment. The main reason was to gain popularity and support. Gladiators combat, Wild animals fight, occasionally naval battle – are the purposes of use of the amphitheater.

This iconic symbol of Rome is made out of stone and concrete. The exterior has three stories arched entrances and each contained a different style of columns. Just near the main entrance, there is the Arch of Constantine.

Inside the Colosseum, there were more than 50,000 spectators seating arrangements. The seats are arranged based on the Roman social scale. There were awnings from the top story to protect the spectators from the sun’s heat.

The Gladiators who were brought here for combat were mostly slaves, condemned criminals, and prisoners of war.

This amphitheater has been in active use for four centuries until the struggles of the Western Roman Empire. The taste of public changes put an end to the gladiator’s combats in the colosseum.

The two-third of the Colosseum was destroyed due to weather changes, natural disasters, negligence, and vandalism. The restoration started in the 1990s and has proceeded till date making it the leading tourist attraction for the public.

Colosseum Gladiators Gate

One of the restricted places of the Colosseum for the ordinary visitor, but not for the Rome Tour Tickets visitor.

The entrances of the Colosseum played a huge part in controlling the crowd at the Colosseum. The Colosseum amphitheater is designed to hold 80,000 people at once. Apart from the entrance gate, there are numerous secret doorways, walls, corridors, and tunnels.

There are four VIP entrances at Colosseum which are mainly designated for Emperors, Senators, and wealthy patrons.

There are two other entrances called the Gate of Life and the Gate of death. During games, Gladiators were entered through the Gate of life and also exited that way if they survived. And who lost in the battle, their dead bodies were removed through the Gate of death.

Colosseum Arena Floor

The Colosseum Arena floor is built with structural engineering where gladiators once fought against each other and with wild animals. Earlier the wooden floor was covered with sand which was built on the top of gladiators and animals’ rooms.

This floor is now renovated and now it’s become retractable. This hi-tech stage can easily cover or uncover the underground networks from the public and during any climate change.

Roman Forum

Located at the center of this ancient city. It’s the destination of most Roman politics, religious events, and important social events. The area is in a rectangular shape, home to many temples and monuments of Rome. This place now attracts 4.5 million tourists every year.

Earlier the Roman Forum served as the daily shopping marketplace. Gradually it became the important hub of public affairs. Over the centuries it became more functional and expanded. Today if you visit here you can see beautiful statues, monuments, basilicas and ancient buildings here.

The Palatine Hill

A four-sided plateau rising south of the Forum and above sea level. The entire Rome city was founded on it. The most topographically attractive and scenic landscape can be seen from here. It is the centremost of the seven hills of Rome. Known as the first nucleus of the Roman Empire.

During the republic era, many houses and temples were built here. And now hike way up to get the stunning view of the city including all the attractive monuments. Visiting here you can see all the relics, enjoy the cool breeze while having the audio-visual guiding of the entire evaluation of palatine.

What’s more?

The tour is designed by keeping in mind the current safety situation. All the necessary measures are taken in place. You will have a peaceful tour experience with us. Our professional tour guide service will take you back in the Gladiators’ times. Don’t forget to capture the memory in pixels. Leaving Colosseum you will have a head full of knowledge about Roman life and a heart full of great tour memory.

Tour Highlights

  • Exclusive VIP skip-the-line entrance to discover the Colosseum wonders.

  • You will get a chance to walk in the footsteps of Gladiators.

  • Inside the Colosseum, through the Roman Forum, and on the Palatine Hill, you will be guided by an expert tour guide.

  • Listen to all the amazing stories of the famous brutal sports that once took place in this amphitheater.

  • Get onboard on the Arena Floor of the Colosseum, which is usually closed to the general public.

  • A 360-degree view of the Colosseum.

  • Experience the Roman Forum and learn the story of one of the greatest empires in history.

  • Enjoy Palatine Hill where Romulus established the Eternal City.

  • Reach the top of the Palatine Hill and have an exceptional view of the Forum.

  • After the tour ends, you can explore outside archaeological area at your own.

What is included

  • Skip the line access to Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

  • Entrance to the Colosseum via the ‘Gladiators Gate’

  • Special access to the Colosseum Arena Floor

  • Professional guide

  • Audio headsets so you don’t miss a single detail

  • Our group size is flexible

What is not included

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off

  • Gratuities

  • Food/Beverage

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Book this tour with Rome tour tickets

Marvelous construction almost unimaginable that was built so long ago. The construction of this place is exceptional and the creator definitely a genius. As soon as it came into view we were puzzled by the area of the Colosseum. I would recommend a visit and allow yourself time to explore the history. Do book this tour with Rome tour tickets because their services and support, both are great. You will be in good hands!



Artwork all around you!

My friend and I took an Exclusive Gladiators Entrance and Arena tour before accessible to the rest of the people. Had breakfast just next to the company office. After having breakfast we started the tour of the museum. The arts are exceptional and the colosseum was unbelievable. Can't take pictures in the chapel but just seeing it was phenomenal. A must-see if you go.



Beautiful place

This tour was a really great experience. Everything was quite lovely. We had a really knowledgeable guide who explained a lot about the Colosseum. A lot of selfies captured on this tour that we check often to cherish the moments we passed on this tour. One of my best Roman trips.



The most fabulous classical art in the world

The place was complete of history and stunning structure. roman emperor works in the colosseum were marvelous. The early morning guided tour was the powerful and an unimaginable way to see and read about the many sculptures, artifacts, and the impressive Arena floor. I strongly appreciated all the work of art and history.



Thank you for the fond memories

I went to Rome by myself and I took the tour from Rome tour tickets. An absolutely charming experience that I would recommend to anybody. Our guide was awesome, incredible manner, clear English with her delightful Italian intonation. She shared many fascinating realities, and amended the phony news many of us thought we knew about the historical backdrop of the locales. She was benevolent and polite and made the tour a great learning experience.



The history of the paintings

The colosseum might be the 7 wonders however it establishes an impression over the world. The immense range of cultures visiting and the mind-boggling tranquil vibe was really entrapping. Unquestionably book an arena floor access tour that’s gonna help you to realize the history, art, and impact of the Colosseum before the hundreds of tourists turn up.



A true spectacle!

The exact lines to get into the colosseum were large and I’m sure you would be there quite a long time hanging tight for your turn, so with this in mind, it's unquestionably worth paying for the early morning tour. You could easily skip huge crowds and the rankling sun. Two of my friends and I did this early morning tour last month and it was an amazing trip on our journey to Rome. Our guide revealed to us that to get around the entire spot would take around three days to see everything inside, which truly put the vastness of the entire spot into viewpoint!



Wonderful site to see and enjoy

What a majestic place. We stood on the floor of the arena and it was so fascinating to hear about ancient history that makes us realize how small we are. The actual archeological place of the Colosseum was astounding. I will never forget this. This company is a real tour provider that everyone should use.



Really good attraction

Marvelous place. It's a famous place that one must-see. We learned so much. I would recommend a guided tour so the guide will explain to you the history behind it. Our guide was excellent and covered all that a tour needs to be an excellent one!



It’s worth paying some quality time in the Vatican

One of my friends advised me to take an early morning tour to avoid the crowds. We arranged it from We managed to see the museum and chapel with probably only a few dozens people. It offers a tremendous difference compared to day times scenario. We got into St Peters early and managed to see things without the crowds. Having a guide was useful as we got a lot of knowledge about everything.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you do the Colosseum tour booking with Rome Tour Tickets, the confirmation will be received at the same time.

If you have any issue with mobility, you have to contact us for a private tour. But one thing should be noted, the tour sites are not wheelchair accessible. So if you use one unfortunately you can’t take this tour.

The meeting place is near public transportation. That is Via Frangipane, 30, 00184 Roma, RM, Italy. Travelers are advised to arrive at the meeting place 25 minutes prior to the start time as there are some signup and security checks to clear.

You can take the metro to reach the meeting place. Take metro line B and get off at Cavour station. From there, walk down via Cavour and reach the little square alongside the restaurant. That's via Frangipane, 30. For any kind of confusion, contact us for the details.

Travelers who want to take a tour at the Colosseum should have moderate physical fitness. During this tour, lots of physical activity is included.

Travelers are advised to wear comfortable walking shoes during the tour. Must bring a valid photo ID with you for entering the Colosseum, such as student's ID, Driver’s License, Passport, or State ID for all work.

You can bring a scarf (needed if you enter any temple), sun hat, and sunscreen for protection from sun heat and drinks.

You are not allowed to take large bags, backpacks, or suitcases. Also not allowed to bring any glass bottles and containers. You may bring a small bag with all the essential items which you need to carry with you. Don’t bring any large bags as there is no cloakroom service inside to accommodate the large items.

You are also not allowed to take pets, drones, baby strollers, and any kind of sharp objects with you during this tour.

The ticket price is free for children ages under 6 years. A discount is applicable for young tourists ages between 6 and 18 years. The students must bring a valid student ID to avail of the discount.

For EU citizens there are some special discounted prices available. Mainly they can avail two types of tickets. Reduced ticket price applicable for EU citizens who are ages between 18 to 25. And EU complimentary tickets applicable for EU citizens ages between 6 to 18. Please note that charges can vary depending on the place. Kindly check the booking requirements before confirming an order.

  • You will get priority access to the Colosseum via the Gladiator gate. From there you will get onto the Arena floor.
  • All our tours are designed with perfection. You can expect special entrance to every restricted place here
  • We offer personal service and prioritize small groups, not more than 24 people
  • After the colosseum tour, you will get to visit Palatine Hill. Up here our expert tour guide will tell all the stories on this landmark.
  • Continue your tour by visiting the most important ancient political hub of Rome, the Roman Forum.

To make this tour running swiftly and on time, some travel tips you can follow here:

  • Make sure you have reached the destination 25 minutes before the tour starts. This will ensure you have enough time to clear out their security checks
  • There are few on-site toilets. So chances are you have to wait to use one.
  • There are no luggage facilities here
  • No restaurants and cafes are nearby
  • It is highly recommended to book the tickets. Due to high demand, Colosseum tickets run out fast
  • The price variation depends on the type and duration of the tour you choose

It can happen. As those places are always overcrowded by tourists, sometimes the reservations are hard to get. The most common challenge a tourist can face is the time changes slightly by a few hours. If any such problem is happening, Rome Tour Tickets will be notified to you before the tour. To make sure everything is running as scheduled and to get updated notice about the tour, call or email us.

For any kind of extreme weather conditions, the Colosseum Administration may limit access to some or all of its restricted areas (Colosseum, Arena Level, and Third Tier) to ensure the safety of visitors. If the activity got canceled you will get a different date or a full refund.

No, All sales are final after booking. So there will be no refund or any alternative date for this tour.

Travelers have to notify 48 hours before the travel date via email or call us, if they want to cancel the tour.

We will offer you a gift card, which can be avail if we manage to change this tour. Kindly call or email us, for more information.

It is best to be at the tour meeting spot 25 minutes early. It is the customer's duty to arrive on time. If you arrive late or don’t show up, we are sorry but we cannot accommodate you because we are already at the tour destination with other participants. Furthermore, the Colosseum tour ticket price is non-refundable. A refund or cancellation of the Colosseum ticket is not possible. As a result, if you miss it, you will not be refunded your ticket money.

You must pay the full cost of the tour ticket in order to reserve a different tour time.

Call us at +39 06 2757630 to cancel any trip; we're available Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm. Please review other cancellation-related FAQ of this tour and the Cancellation & Refund Policy of Rome Tour Tickets before canceling this tour.

Yes, we offer hotel transportation, which you must book during the trip booking process. However, keep in mind that this is a optional service. You must pay additional costs for transportation.

At Rome Tour Tickets, we are solely responsible for keeping you up to date with the most correct information.

According to new COVID-19 rules, now tourists don’t need to show a vaccination certificate, test certificate, or "Green Pass" to enter the Rome, Colosseum. Also, no certificate is required to enter restaurants, museums, historical places, etc.

  • When visiting the Colosseum, you must wear a mask. If you violate this rule, you can not enter the Colosseum.
  • At the entrance, your temperature will be taken; if it is higher than 37.5C (99.5F), entry will be refused.
  • While in the open-air areas of the Roman Forum / Palatine Hill, the mask requirement may be relaxed. However, you must wear a mask when entering the Roman Forum area.

Visit Covid-19 Travel Notice for the most up-to-date travel information during this epidemic.

Things to know

Colosseum is the largest amphitheater in the world. It was designed with an 80,000-seat capacity for gladiator games.

The 287-foot length and 180-foot width of the central arena were ovoid-shaped. The Colosseum walls that enclose this arena were 15 feet tall.

And today, you can take a Gladiators entrance Colosseum tour to experience this vast amphitheater.

Sorry, but we don’t have a "Pay Later" policy. The time you book the gladiator gate and arena floor special access Colosseum tour, you have to pay the full amount. After that, you will receive a confirmation. There is, therefore, no possibility of booking first and paying later.

Also just so you know this skip-the-line Colosseum & arena floor guided tour ticket sold out pretty quickly. So it is important to book in advance.

The short answer is Yes. You'll have an entirely different perspective of the Colosseum by visiting here. From the Arena floor when you look down into the underground will give a different sensation. Here, you will experience firsthand what it would be like to be a caged gladiator fighting for their life. It is also a pretty cool experience when you walk onto the arena through the gladiators' gate.

And the total experience is worth it when you booked a Colosseum guided tour. The guide will enhance your experience in many ways beyond learning. You will get a more in-depth view of the Colosseum arena floor tour.

Actually, yes. The number of persons permitted inside the Colosseum is severely limited. Getting the skip-the-line Colosseum & arena floor guided tour ticket will be much more difficult during busy months. During peak season, tickets will sell out every day. As a result, it's imperative to plan the tour ahead of time and book in advance.

The Colosseum's outer facade has four levels, with the bottom three of which are each made up of 80 arches.

The Colosseum originally only had two floors. But in order to expand the capacity, Emperor Domitian hurriedly constructed the third floor with wooden steps. Additionally, he ordered the construction of the hypogeum, or the arena's basements, which are equivalent to today’s modern theaters backstage.

A special pass with a reserved seat was offered to spectators. Spectators took their seats depending on social class.

The Colosseum is still intact today in all its former splendor. With the help of Colosseum tickets with Arena access tour, you can now witness all of these events.

After the first session of restoration, the Colosseum's third tier has been made accessible. This floor gives a whole new perspective on this entire landmark. Visitors can then take in a breathtaking view of Rome's entire city as well as the Coliseum's interior.

This area of the Colosseum is a little more difficult to access if you have mobility concerns. Because a series of steps are involved to climb the third tier. Nonetheless, this is unquestionably the most stunning area of the Colosseum.

Important information for 2022–2023: Due to current limitations, the upper tier of the Colosseum is closed, and tours now take visitors to the second level rather than the third ring. Still, the view is breathtaking. Therefore, be careful to review the tour itinerary before making any reservations.

There is no free entry. You have to pay the full amount to have this Skip-the-Line Access to Colosseum & Arena Floor tour. Although there is a certain discount available for children and students. And special discount prices are available for EU citizens. To learn more about that check out the FAQ section.

Yes, a Colosseum with arena floor private tour is definitely worthwhile for families.

A private tour of the Colosseum Arena floor will provide you with an unforgettable experience. This in-depth tour will offer you exclusive access to the Arena floor. You can journey back in time by following in the footsteps of gladiators. It will be a more wholesome experience if you are accompanied by family.

A personalized tour guide can tailor the journey's pace and tone to the various age groups. Bring the whole family on this journey to learn about ancient Rome's intriguing history! This personalized tour, designed by art historians and educators, will teach you about life and stories in the old empire. With skip-the-line entry to the Colosseum, you can save time and energy.

Yes, your kids are welcome to accompany you while you explore the Colosseum Arena Floor through the gladiator gate. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind adventure with your children. Choose our gladiator gate Colosseum Arena floor tour and visit the Arena floor with a child-friendly private guide and fast-track admission into the Colosseum.

This is the ideal tour for the entire family. Both parents and children will be fully engaged as your private guide takes you on a unique journey into the world of Gladiators and Ancient Rome.

Your children will never forget entering the arena and listening to tales and anecdotes about heroic gladiators engaging in combat.

You and your kids will have the opportunity to enter the Colosseum's Arena and walk in the gladiators' footsteps, which will be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

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