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16 Oct 2021 Colosseum

During breaks, we all love to take a tour of our favorite place. If you are someone who loves history and art, what better place to spend your holiday than Rome.

Rome wasn’t built in one day. Blood, sweat, and tears go under to construct this historically famous city in Italy. In most places in Rome, the Colosseum is the one that is the second most ancient place after the Vatican. So much history and mystery lie under it.

It certainly takes your entire life to see everything at the Colosseum. Since you have only a few days to visit. So we handpicked the best attractions at the Colosseum. That will help you to view Ancient Rome through the eyes of the Roman people. And the best part, our below mentioned tour suggestion won’t keep you waiting in the Queue.

So get inspiration from our suggestion below. And make your Colosseum tour a memorable one.

Colosseum – Most Iconic sight of Rome

Colosseum is the most Iconic Symbol of Rome. Discover the Colosseum with Rome Tour Tickets.

Colosseum, an iconic symbol of Rome. It was constructed almost 2000 years earlier. In 72, during the ruling of Emperor Vespasian Colosseum was constructed. It took 8 years to complete the total development. Now it has become the greatest Amphitheater in history.

This amphitheater was used to exhibit ancient animals, prisoners’ executions, and for battles of gladiators. Those are the games that are enjoyed by the Roman Emperor and people. It sounds brutal. But those fights keep the people entertained for so many years.

This Flavian amphitheater can make space for 50,000 people. The seats were arranged in such a way that everyone can enjoy the game in the finest space.

Such games have been active for 500 years. The last game was recorded in the 6th century in Roman history.

After that, the Colosseum saw several earthquakes, lootings, and bombings during World War II. In the midst of all this suffering, the Colosseum is still standing high. It is definitely a great distinct instinct that Rome has. For several decades, the Colosseum was used as a church, cemetery, and even a nobility castle.


Length: 188 meters

Width: 156 meter

Height: 57 meters

Around 1.1 million stone, concrete, and bricks were needed to complete this construction.

Colosseum in Present Time

Colosseum is now one of the greatest tourist attractions in Rome. Each year almost 6 million tourists from around the world visit this place. And in 2007 on July 7, Colosseum became one of the seven wonders of the world.

Important facts about Colosseum

Explore important facts about the Colosseum in Rome
  1. Seating arrangements at the Colosseum were always determined by the Roman Emperor. Based on the ranking the seats were decided. The best seats were always reserved for the Senators. Behind the government ranking officials were seated. At the higher level, ordinary citizens and soldiers got their seats. And at the top, women, and slaves sat.
  2. The best seat always belonged to the Emperor. The senators most of the time arranged those games. And sometimes they arranged a feast for the Roman citizens. This was the way approached by those Emperors to keep gaining love and support from the citizens.
  3. Below the Colosseum is a Hypogeum. It’s a labyrinth of the underground. Animals, actors, and gladiators used those passages to appear at the arena.
  4. Colosseum has a total of 76 entrances as well as exits. These help the people to enter or exit the amphitheater peacefully. Also in times of emergency, those entrances and exits help the people to leave the arena safely.
  5. To protect the senator and public from the scorching heat, there was Velarium. It’s an awning used to shade them from the sun. It stretched over to cover the seating area.
  6. To recreate the Naval battle, the colosseum was often filled with water. Although there haven’t been any final investigations about that event.
  7. The station of the cross at Colosseum known as Via Crucis which was the central attraction of every Easter holiday. During those days the deceased Christan were remembered.
  8. Not everyone was invited to enjoy game seating in the amphitheater. Former Gladiators, actors, and grave diggers were prohibited to attend any event at Colosseum.
  9. The first-ever game lasted for 100 days. That game included 2000 gladiators
  10. The west exit of the colosseum was used for carrying out the dead gladiators. And that’s why it was called the Gate of Death.
  11. In 847, the southern gate of the colosseum collapsed due to an earthquake.

Best Colosseum Tour for you

See the actual birthplace of Rome

Best Palatine Hill Tour in Colosseum with Rome Tour Tickets

On the Colosseum Palatine Hill, you can see the actual birthplace of Rome. Here you will get a 360-degree view of the entire colosseum. This was the place where once Romulus and Remus were rescued from the Tiber. Their personal conflict gave birth to Rome, as now we know it as the most famous ancient city.

Later this hill was used as a center of every Emperor’s ruling to legitimize their authority.

From here you will enjoy the beautiful ancient significance of every vantage point of the Rome Colosseum.

Know the real story

Know the real story of Gladiator how  they become a noble warrior

Your tour at Colosseum will bring to life every event that took place beneath this site. You can experience the place where gladiators, slaves, and animals were captured. Christians were martyrs. You can feel the tension of the Gladiators and wild animals who were once waiting here to meet their fate.

Stroll through the open-air of Roman Forum and experience the ancient journey of Kings and Emperors who once lived here. You can even uncover the surface of Rome. You can get to know the story of how it was like a gladiator becoming a noble warrior. Or a Roman orator becomes a successful leader. Or the Emperor being treated as God.

Special access to Colosseum Dungeons and Underground

Colosseum Dungeons and Underground
Image source: showmeitaly.com

Colosseum Underground and dungeons are full of Roman history. So much mystery is hidden behind those gladiator doors and passageways.

Drive deep into the colosseum restricted area and step back into those ancient times. You will get the chance to walk through the entrance that once Gladiators used to enter the arena floor. You can make your entrance like a gladiator and can unveil all those mysteries that are hidden beneath.

Arena Floor

Colosseum Arena Floor Tour with Rome Tour Tickets
Image source: i.guim.co.uk

The arena floor of Colosseum, where once gladiators fought against other gladiators and with wild animals. This one was also restored in its former glory.

During those times this floor was made out of wood covered with sand. This was built over the underground tunnel where gladiators and animals wait before the fight. This is the spot where once Christians were thrown to hungry lions for the means of public entertainment.

In the last 1800, that floor was removed by archaeologists in order to excavate the below levels of the whole structure. The underground was opened to the public in 2010 where they can see the underground level from the tiered of seats.

This floor underwent so many renovations. And now you can see the floor in its former look. With the exclusive access you can even see the underground historic site which is usually closed for the public.

Restricted Underground section

Colosseum Underground and Ancient Rome skip the line Tour

Are you ready to put yourself in the Gladiators’ shoes? Cause now you can see the section where once gladiators were caged. Start your tour from the gladiator entrance, which is not the normal tourist line.

With the private guided tour, you will be going to experience the restricted underground section. You can see how it looked when the grand event was orchestrated. Imagine the situation when the row of tiered seats was filled with 50,000 spectators to see the blood-filled drama between gladiators. Your guide took you to the arena floor and the public was cheering.

A professional guide will lead you up to the passage behind the seats of the amphitheater to see how it looks from the Gladiator’s sandals. And if you listen carefully you can even hear those cheers from the safety of the spectators’ seats.

Feel the tension of the Roman Republic

Visit the Historical Roman Republic with skip-the-line access

After an extensive visit to the Colosseum, nearby you will see the Roman Forum. And with the help of skip-the-line access, you can easily enter that Ancient Forum without waiting in line.

This is the important location for Romans where religious, political, and social events occur. In 500 B.C. Roman Forum was first built. It is situated in-between the ancient city’s temples and monuments. Annually 4.5 million tourists visit this Forum.

Some of the must seen architecture in Forum are,

  • Senate House:

It served as a council house and a center for many political events. In the 7th century, it was converted into a Church.

  • Temple of Saturn:

One of the earliest temples of the Roman Forum. This was used as a Roman treasury, a place to keep the roman’s money safe. This structure is also dedicated to Saturn, the god of Architecture. They believed the wealth of Rome brought from it.

  • The Rostra:

It was a platform where orators were given their speeches.

  • Temple of Vesta:

It is a circular-shaped temple dedicated to Vesta, The Goddess of home, family, and hearth.

  • The Sacra Via:

The most important road is linked to various important places. It was formerly used as the pathway for processions and ceremonies.

This road was used by most soldiers who were returned home to a city that was no longer familiar.

Most of the Roman architecture you will visit has a significant influence on Greek design. But there are some exceptions and distinct designs by Romans. Such as Amphitheater, Roman Baths, Basilica, and so on. By visiting the Rome Colosseum you will know a lot about historic literature and most leaders’ births.

Book the best Colosseum Tour with Rome Tour Tickets

It can be challenging for you to find the best tour travel guide to visit the Colosseum. With Rome Tour Tickets you can easily see the tour availability and can advance book the ticket online.

We have handpicked the best Colosseum tour itinerary for you with great value to your money. Our group tour arrangement is small which makes the experience more memorable and exciting.

Recommended Colosseum Tour for you:

We have selected some colosseum tour packages for you which will give you a quicker entrance to Colosseum underground and arena floor. You can even beat the heat with the night-guided tour by us.

Colosseum Tour Package Overview

Tour Option Group Size Tour Time
Skip-the-line guided tour to Gladiator entrance and arena floor 24 people 2:30 Hours
Skip-the-line access to Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and Roman Forum 20 people Flexible
Exclusive guided tour to Colosseum with Transportation and Lunch 6 people 8 Hours
Exclusive guided tour with photographer 25 people 3 Hours
Moonlight tour at Underground and Arena Floor 25 people 1:15 Hours
Skip-the-line Private walking tour to Ancient Colosseum 4 people 3 Hours
Exclusive entrance to Underground 25 people 2:30 Hours

Why should you choose Rome Tour Tickets for your Colosseum Tour?

  • Guaranteed Skip the line entrance, no more waiting
  • A professional and expert tour guide
  • Audio headset to hear every detail clearly
  • Small tour group
  • VIP access to every spot of Colosseum
  • Can enter the Gate of Death that is not publicly accessible
  • Exclusive night tour
  • Exclusive discounts to children aged between 6 to 17 years
  • Special student discount who age under 25

What’s the best way to visit the Rome Colosseum? It is always a question created by most travelers. But not for the Rome Tour Tickets traveler. Cause we figure out the best tour itinerary for you. You don’t want to get a headache for it at all. We take care of every Colosseum tour hassle for you. Make your Colosseum tour a memorable one with us.

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