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Visit Tivoli Fountains, Hadrian's Villa & Villa d'Este

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This 7-hour guided tour of Tivoli’s hilltop region is really enjoyable. Your expert tour guide will take you on a tour of the ancient town and to Hadrian’s Villa and the Villa d’Este. You’ll get the opportunity to learn about the history of the area as well as unveil a fascinating section of Roman countryside.

Tour Itinerary

Tour Availability:

Every day, except Monday

Tour Duration:

7:00 hr

Tour Location:

In Tivoli, 19 miles (30 km) from Rome

Tour Language:

English, Italian

Meeting Point:

Via Cavour 224. Nearby metro station: “Cavour” (Line B)

Meeting time:

25 minutes before the tour start time

Starting Time:

9:30 AM

Main tour Activity

Your tour will start in the early where you will get almost 7 hours to explore the stunning sights of Tivoli. You will be transported through an air-conditioned bus while exploring these two beautiful UNESCO World Heritage-listed spots.

Enter the Emperor Hadrian’s old retreat, the Villa Adriana in Tivoli in this exclusive day time trip. Within this tour, you can go back in time to the Roman Empire. With skip-the-line access and a trained guide, explore Italy’s largest and most exquisite residential landmark. Discover stunning archaeological ruins and gardens at Hadrian’s country house and explore the magnificent Maritime Theater. You will be acquainted with a guide who will explain their significance in Roman history as you experience the intriguing sights.

In the second part of this trip, we’ll start exploring the Villa d’Este. After lunch our journey will start. You will go through the inside grounds with your guide, who will explain to you about this massive villa, which is regarded as the most beautiful location of the Italian Renaissance. The magnificent fountains will ensure that you remember your vacation for a lifetime. Prepare to take some stunning photos of the ruins, gardens, and fountains. Learn about the emperors and cardinals who resided there and their extravagant tastes.

Tour Overview

This day-long guided trip takes you around Tivoli’s wonders Adrian Villa and Villa d’Este. Your guide will offer you an intimate look at the lives of the Roman nobility as you drive past stunning homes and see historical treasures. Above all, you’ll be able to do it all while someone else takes care of the tour program and guides you around the villas.

What to see at the Tivoli famous Adrian Villa and Villa d’Este:

The Hadrian’s Villa (also known as Villa Adriana) is a luxurious retreat. The enormous complex is far more than a “villa,”. It is almost 300 acres in size and has a variety of structures, including palaces, libraries, spas, guest quarters, and other structures, as well as various water features. All of this just took 15 years to get completed. Despite the fact that it was intended to be Hadrian’s retreat from Rome, he used it as the seat of administration in his final years.

After a brief visit at Hadrian’s Villa, we’ll leave the enticing remains of the 2nd century A.D. behind and go to the 14th century, where we’ll see Villa d’Este, one of Italy’s most magnificent Renaissance palaces. This magnificent mansion will wow you with its magnificent grounds filled with hundreds of fountains. The most striking is Bernini’s gigantic Neptune’s Fountain.

Both of the tours are exclusively available with skip-the-line access. So now you don’t have to waste time while entering inside the Villa.

Tour Highlights

  • In Tivoli, visit the ruins of the Villa Adriana.

  • Explore the site where Hadrian built his country home.

  • Roam around the stunning monuments of Maritime theater, its lounge area, library, art galleries, fountains, and more.

  • Stroll around the Italianate grounds at Villa d’Este.

  • Explore the vast grounds for water features, classical monuments, and more.

  • Take a glance within the portico and its artificial island.

  • Admire the sculptures at the Canopy’s pool, and go up close to the Serapeum’s artificial grotto.

What is included

  • Skip the Line Entrance ticket to the Villa Adriana

  • Transportation on a bus to and from the Villas

  • Professional guide

  • Headsets

  • Group of 8 to 10 people

What is not included

  • Food and drinks

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off

  • Gratuities

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Ancient paradise!!

This spot is in a single word magnificent. There was unquestionably enough to appreciate. Walking around with the ruins and pools with sculptures was basically great. We visited the place along with the art historian guide who can recount the tales about the ruler. He clarified the historical backdrop of the apparent multitude of lovely places. Driving in the town of Tivoli was dreadful, yet worth seeing this incredible park. Villa d’Este was like a premonition of paradise.



Great day out!!

How can you not visit Tivoli if you are in Rome? Seeing the vast size of this estate was staggering without waiting in the line. The gardens, trees, fountains, and multiple water features kept me and my mother roaming around for over 7 hours.



Loved it :-)

Such a great amount of history to retain. We visited here and were not baffled. This company rome tour tickets knows it well how to plan well-organized tours. I would recommend a guided visit so you know precisely what you are looking at. Excellent ruins, so wear comfy shoes as there is a ton of strolling. It was an amenable day simply engrossing history. We wondered about the level of engineering. The gardens and fountains are a pleasant break with the warmth also. This was an incredible day out and breathtaking time spent at these astonishing ruins. well justified.



It gave us a break from Rome :-)

It was an outstanding day with an excellent guide. He was well-informed about the places we visited. Villa Adriana is more bounteous than a villa. It is a great, prosperous, and places of a different piece of art and architecture. Apart from the area being very majestic and gave a glimpse of how the roman emperors lived. There were also quite low crowds, which presents it as a perfect break from Rome. We also enjoyed strolling stunning, breathtaking, and magnificent gardens in Villa d’ Este. The guide looked after extremely well and attentively. We all had a great time with him. Special thanks go to the owner of the Rome tour tickets for suggesting this tour to book after doing Colosseum with them. So happy!!!

Arya Hayes


Visit this place without thinking twice!

We didn't fail to discover the largest and the most elegant residential monument ever built in Italy. The Tivoli tour was the praiseworthy part of our trip with skip the line access and a professional guide. The guide explained the history of all the beautiful places we went to. We learned about the fanciful taste of the emperors and cardinals who lived there. The dazzling fountains cherished the memories of our trip forever. We got an opportunity to capture some incredible snapshots of the remains, gardens, and fountains. I recommend this tour if you are in Rome and have some time in hand!



Recommended company for Tivoli tour

I have been to Rome several times but have never visited here before. One of my friends was gossiping with me about his Tivoli tour. After hearing from him I feel quite interested. So we allocated a day to visit Tivoli last month when we were traveling to Rome. Absolutely an incredible excavation of such grandeur that should not be missed. The trip was lovely with its breathtaking views. The weather was great! It was actually better than I had expected.

Dariel Drake


Great tour indeed!

We had a perfect start and a wonderful day out in the Tivoli. Notably on a sunny day visit to Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este was the highlight of our Rome. The fountains were marvelous. Villa Adriana was a majestic project of Roman civilization. The glory of Innovative structure that has been the justification and inspiration of the Italian renaissance. The surroundings of Villa d’Este gardens bewildered us with its art and architecture. Magnificent interiors, astonishing garden, water flowing all around, and a commanding view took us back to renaissance time.

Evan Smith


Best guided tour experience outside the city

It was an amazing guided visit. Our guide not only made this tour amusing and agreeable, but also included a lot of accurate, creative, and architectural details. The two spots were stunning and unquestionable places to visit. Furthermore, this tour had enough time to visit those wonderful spots at our own pace. I must say that I liked this guided tour and this was absolutely astounding, and with the best tour guide ever from Rome tour tickets company. I won’t hesitate to book some other tours from this company with the same guide.

Remi Hager


Just amazing! Delightful experience indeed!!

Extraordinary what Hadrian built in a short period of time. This was an awe-inspiring place that I thoroughly enjoyed. Villa d’Este was close by and we were flabbergasted by this huge complex. Lovely gardens, exciting history, unimaginable views, and more. Tivoli was as colorful as we expected. The place in itself is very impressive but recommended to take a guide. The guide will provide descriptions about this immense place which is admitted to be the most charming sight of the Italian Renaissance. If you plan to visit Italy, never drop the chance to visit this beauty. You will love this place.



Great Tour :)

The day in Hadrian's Villa and Villa d'Este was great! Beautiful spots and the guide was super. Quiet, neighborly, and everything was leveled out. I loved it the most when the guide talked gradually and not all that much since I like to see places, not to stand and simply tune in. This tour was one of the best-guided tours and seeing the magnificent Villa d'Este was great. An appreciable mix of culture, garden with incredible fountains. I would strongly recommend this tour.
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