Explore Rome at Your Own Pace: The Ultimate Guide to Hop On Hop Off Tours

The Ultimate Guide to Hop On Hop Off Tours

23 Aug 2023 Rome

Rome Hop On Hop Off Tours is the ultimate solution for embarking on a Rome tour. Rome is famous for its history and architecture. A city is a place that can be enjoyed by people who have an interest in different things. From historical monuments for history lovers to unlimited branded stores for the shopaholics. Everything is available in this beautiful city.

It is near impossible that people of literally any age will feel out of place and have nothing to do. Most tourists are bound to visit a few historical sites. That they have probably read about in history books back in their school days. A few of the most visited places are the Colosseum, the Vatican, and the Trevi Fountain.

Many people visit Rome for a very short period of time. But have the desire to see the famous historical landmarks the city has to offer. For these tourists, the ideal way to roam around would be on a Hop on Hop off Rome bus tour. Keep on reading the blog to find out exactly what this bus tour is.

What is the Rome Hop On Hop Off Tours?

Rome Hop On Hop Off Tours are a popular and convenient way for tourists to explore the city of Rome at their own pace. These tours typically involve a network of double-decker buses. They follow specific routes throughout the city. Passing by or stopping at major tourist attractions, historical sites, and points of interest. The key feature of these tours is the flexibility they offer to passengers.

If lucky enough then you can sit on the top of the open roof double-decker bus. And take a breathtaking view of your favorite historical attraction. As well as click photographs from many different angles.

Those who have a little more time on their hands can obviously get off the bus. They can take a little walk inside the historical places. And hop on to the next available bus in order to reach another landmark. The tour is highly recommended to those who are jet-lagged from the long plane journey. And also want to sit and relax while catching a glimpse of the most famous historical landmarks in the city of Rome.

How does the Rome Hop on Hop off bus tour work?

  • The tour is available 365 days a year.
  • You can purchase 24/48/72-hour tour tickets. Whichever suits you the most.
  • The biggest advantage is that the same ticket can be used for up to 3 days. In order to explore the city by hopping onto the bus.
  • The validity of the ticket begins from the time you first step onto a bus.
  • When riding the double-decker bus. If you are lucky enough make sure to grab seats on the top as it’s an open-roof vehicle. This will allow you to get a panoramic view of the whole city.
  • There are a total of 8 stops from which the bus allows passengers to both hop on and hop off.
  • Tourists can enjoy the view of Rome in one go without actually getting off the bus. They can view the landmarks while sitting in the vehicle.
  • There is also a facility for tourists to get down from the bus. To have a closer look or even take a walk inside the famous landmarks. Once done they can easily catch the next bus from any of the 8 stops.
  • The tour offers an audio guide that is available in 8 different languages. This makes it easier for foreigners to understand history properly.

Comparing Rome Hop-On Hop-Off Tours

Comparing Rome Hop-On Hop-Off Tours
Image Source: www.ft.com

When planning a Tour in Rome, this is one of the best options available. These tours not only provide a flexible and immersive way to experience Rome. But also ensures you don’t miss out on its iconic landmarks and historical wonders.

As you embark on this journey, understanding the intricacies of Rome Hop-On Hop-Off Tours becomes paramount.

Rome Hop On Hop Off Tours Price: Finding the Best Deals

Before you board that open-top bus, let the city’s charm unfold before your eyes. It’s crucial to consider the practical aspects of your adventure.

Rome, while enchanting, can also be an expensive city for travelers. Therefore, the first question that often comes to mind is, “What’s the cost?”

Before delving into the Rome Hop-On Hop-Off Tours Price, ensure you have a clear understanding of the expenses involved. It will help you make the most of your budget while experiencing the splendor of Rome.

1. Booking in Advance:

One of the simplest ways to save on Rome Hop On Hop Off Tours is by booking your tickets in advance. Many tour operators offer discounts for online reservations. Allowing you to secure your spot and save money at the same time.

2. Multiple-Day Passes:

Consider purchasing a multiple-day pass if you plan to spend more time in Rome. These passes often provide better value for money than single-day tickets. You can explore the city at a relaxed pace and revisit your favorite attractions.

3. Combo Packages:

Look for combo packages that include not only Hop On Hop Off Tours. But also admission to popular attractions like the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Vatican Museums. Bundling these experiences can lead to significant cost savings.

4. Student and Family Discounts:

If you’re a student or traveling with family, inquire about special discounts. Many tour operators offer reduced rates for students with valid IDs. And provide family packages for groups.

5. Children and Seniors:

Children and seniors may be eligible for reduced fares or even free tickets on some Hop On Hop Off Tours. Always check the age criteria and discounts available for these age groups.

6. Seasonal Promotions:

Keep an eye out for seasonal promotions and special offers. Tour operators may run discounts during off-peak seasons. Allowing you to enjoy the tours with fewer crowds and lower prices.

7. Online Travel Agencies and Coupons:

Check online travel agencies and coupon websites for additional discounts or promo codes. Sometimes, you can find exclusive deals that aren’t available through the official tour operator websites.

Unveiling the Best Rome Hop On Hop Off Tours

Rome boasts a myriad of Hop On Hop Off Tour operators. Each offers its own unique routes, features, and services. The question is, which one is the best fit for your exploration of this captivating city? We’ll take you on a journey to unveil the Best Rome Hop On Hop Off Tours. Delve into what sets them apart and what experiences they offer.

From routes that cover the Colosseum to those that meander along the Tiber River, you’ll discover the options that align with your interests. It ensures you get the most out of your visit.

Unveiling the Best Rome Hop On Hop Off Tours

Here’s the Top 10 Hop On Hop Off Tour Bus tour in Italy.

1. Hop On Hop Off Rome Sightseeing Bus Tour

This tour includes stopping at eight stops historical sights across Rome for tourists. You can get down or stay on the bus and take pictures. There is the facility of listening to recorded commentary offered in 7 different languages. So that visitors gain knowledge about the history and culture of Rome.

Tickets are available both online and for spot purchase.

  • The buses operate from 9 am – 5 pm.
  • Ultimate Tour Option: 24 hours / 48 hours / 72 hours
  • Free Wi-Fi support
  • Personalized stops

2. City Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off Rome Bus Tour

The whole tour takes approximately 1.30 hours. It enables visitors to sit and relax on the double-decker bus while passing by the Vatican City and Colosseum. One can easily upgrade their tickets in order to enter the Vatican, Roman Forum, and other places.

This tour is popular among visitors as the 48-hour ticket can be upgraded. Allowing tourists to enjoy skip-the-line facilities to 4 historical landmarks.

3. City Sightseeing Florence Hop-On Hop-Off Bus tour

The tour takes 1 to 2 hours to complete. Depends on which route you decide to take as one route has 15 stops and another has 25 stops. Enjoy roaming around the city of Florence by purchasing either the 24/48/72 hour ticket.

The tour allows visitors to enjoy panoramic views from the burial spot of Galileo, Piazzale Michelangelo, and many more.

The bus includes free wifi and also a mobile fee App named ‘Sightseeing Experience’ for real-time bus position.

4. City Sightseeing Milan Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

Grab the opportunity to view the most well-known sights of Milan by purchasing a ticket for 24/48 hours.

By sitting at the top of the double-decker bus you can catch a glimpse of the opera house, La Scala, as well as the Milan Duomo.

The tour takes approximately 1.30 hours to complete.

There are three buses from which you can choose. As it will take you to three different routes. This tour is widely popular amongst visitors. It provides tickets including discounts for restaurants and other attractions in Milan.

5. Rome Open Bus tour with gadgets for children on board

The tour allows you to sit back on the double-decker bus. While going past the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain. and many more.

You can hop on or hop off the bus whenever you wish to take a stroll to explore further. The tour starts at 10.00 am every day. And there is always an assistant on board as well as an audio guide. The main attraction is for the little ones. They receive complimentary gifts which include a souvenir backpack along with a coloring book.

6. City Sightseeing Naples Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

With a 24-hour ticket, you can choose from three routes. There are around 30 stops in total. Which include Piazza Municipio, Capodimonte Museum, and many more.

The bus starts at 9.30 am. Free wifi and recorded commentary are available throughout the journey.

7. City Sightseeing Genoa Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

This tour make sure you do not miss the opportunity to purchase a 48-hour ticket to enjoy the city of Genoa. Some of the most popular sights amongst the 11 include Via San Lorenzo and the Bigo.

The bus takes off at 10.00 am every day. Wi-Fi and recorded commentary about the city are available for passengers.

8. City Sightseeing Verona Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

Brace yourself to enjoy the beauty of the romantic Verona while relaxing on an open-air bus. The main attractions include Basilica San Zeno as well as Verona Arena.

There are two routes and each route consists of 8 stops. The common stop is Piazza Bra which allows you to switch buses to explore more.

The tour takes 1 hour and the first bus starts at 10 am.

9. I Love Rome Hop On Hop Off Open Bus Tour

Purchase a ticket to enjoy exploring the city of Rome by riding a pink double-decker bus. There are nine stops in total which include the Vatican City, Castel Sant’ Angelo, and more.

All the tickets are inclusive of free wifi and individual headphones to listen to the audio guide. The bus starts at 8.30 am every day.

10. Get On Get Off Bus Tour in Rome + Free App

This tour allows tourists to take a look at the Piazza Venezia, Circus Maximus, and other historical sights. Allowing them to get on or get off the bus whenever they wish to between the 9 stops.

The tour includes a free APP allowing visitors to listen to the commentary from their personal phones. Free wifi is available on the bus alongside an audio guide in 8 languages. The bus starts at 9.00 am every day.

Insider Tips for Budget-Friendly Rome Bus Tours Option

  • Opt for tours during non-peak hours or seasons when prices are generally lower. Early morning or late afternoon tours can provide a quieter and more budget-friendly experience.

  • Traveling with family? Look for family packages that accommodate multiple members at a reduced cost per person.

  • Some tour operators provide complimentary audio guides in multiple languages. It allows you to save on additional audio guide expenses.

  • Carry your snacks and a refillable water bottle to avoid buying expensive refreshments during the tour.

  • Instead of taking a taxi or expensive private transport to the tour starting point, use the city’s public transportation system to get there affordably.

  • Some attractions in Rome are within walking distance of each other. Plan your route to include some walking. Which not only saves money but also lets you explore hidden gems.

  • Talk to locals or hotel staff for insider tips on cost-effective dining options and affordable nearby attractions.

  • Some attractions in Rome offer free admission on specific days or times. Such as St. Peter’s Basilica. Research in advance to take advantage of these opportunities.

Navigating Rome with Hop-On Hop-Off Buses

As you set foot in this ancient capital, you’re welcomed by a treasure trove. That includes but is not limited to historical landmarks, artistic wonders, and vibrant neighborhoods.

Navigating the sprawling expanse of Rome while ensuring you don’t miss any of its iconic sights can be a daunting task.

Enter the Rome Hop On Hop Off Buses. Your gateway to an enchanting journey through the heart of the Eternal City.

Rome Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Map: Your Guide to Key Stops:

Picture this: A double-decker bus winding its way through the cobbled streets of Rome. Passing by the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Vatican, and countless other renowned attractions. The Rome Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Map is your navigational compass. It offers a comprehensive guide to the city’s key stops.

It is not just a simple piece of paper; it’s your passport to the heart of the Eternal City. Delve deep into the intricacies of this map. You’ll unveil the secrets it holds, guiding you through a tapestry of historical wonders.

The Rome Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Map looks something like the below:

Route 1: Historic Landmarks

  • Piazza della Repubblica

  • St. Mary of the Angels

  • Rome’s Opera House

  • Via Nazionale

  • Baths of Diocletian

  • National Roman Museum

  • Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Route 2: Ancient Wonders

  • Santa Maria Maggiore

  • Piazza Vittorio

  • St. John Lateran

  • Saint Peter in Chains

  • Via Cavour

  • Opium Hill

Route 3: Roman Heritage

  • Colosseum

  • Imperial Forum

  • Palatine Hill

  • Arch of Constantine

  • Arch of Titus

Route 4: Hidden Treasures

  • Circus Maximus

  • The Mouth of Truth

  • Temple of Vesta

  • Santa Maria in Trastevere

  • Trastevere

  • Municipal Rose Garden

  • Synagogue

Route 5: Cultural Odyssey

  • Piazza Venezia

  • Altar of the Fatherland

  • Capitoline Hill (Campidoglio)

  • Theatre of Marcellus

  • Trajan’s Column

  • Mercati di Traiano

  • Largo Argentina

  • Campo de’ Fiori

  • Pantheon

Route 6: Vatican & Beyond

  • St. Peter’s Basilica

  • Vatican Museums (Sistine Chapel)

  • Castel Sant’Angelo

  • Piazza Navona

  • Corso Vittorio Emanuele

Route 7: Green Oasis

  • Villa Borghese

  • Via Veneto

  • Borghese Gallery

  • Bioparco (Zoo)

  • Piazza di Spagna

  • Trinità dei Monti

Route 8: Fountain & Palaces

  • Piazza Barberini

  • Trevi Fountain

  • Via Sistina

  • Via Veneto

  • Borghese Gallery

  • Villa Borghese

  • Barberini Palace

  • Quirinale Palace

Each stop is a chapter in Rome’s storied history. And the map is your ticket to unlocking its narrative.

Rome Hop On Hop Off Bus Route: Must-Visit Attractions:

Rome Hop On Hop Off Bus Route - Rome Tour Tickets
Image Source: pixy.org

As the bus traverses the city, you’ll be introduced to Rome’s most celebrated treasures.

Every Rome Hop On Hop Off Bus Route is a carefully crafted journey. That connects you with must-visit attractions.

From the awe-inspiring grandeur of the Colosseum to the spiritual aura of St. Peter’s Basilica. These stops offer a tantalizing glimpse into Rome’s past and present.

1. Colosseum (Colosseo):

Historical Significance:

The Colosseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre. It is an ancient symbol of Rome’s grandeur. It hosted gladiatorial contests, chariot races, and theatrical performances.

Architectural Splendor:

Its massive elliptical structure and ingenious engineering. Make it an architectural marvel even by modern standards.

Cultural Relevance:

The Colosseum is a symbol of ancient Rome’s entertainment culture and its enduring legacy. It is one of the world-famous tourist attractions.

2. Circus Maximus:

Historical Significance:

Once the largest chariot racing stadium in ancient Rome. Circus Maximus was a hub of sporting and social events.

Architectural Splendor:

Although largely in ruins, the scale of the ancient stadium is awe-inspiring. It offers a glimpse into Roman leisure activities.

Cultural Relevance:

It provides insights into the Romans’ passion for chariot racing and public spectacles.

3. St. Peter’s Basilica (Vaticano):

Historical Significance:

St. Peter’s Basilica is the spiritual center of the Roman Catholic Church. It is a pilgrimage site for millions of believers.

Architectural Splendor:

The basilica’s Renaissance architecture, Michelangelo’s dome, and Bernini’s colonnade in St. Peter’s Square are all breathtaking.

Cultural Relevance:

It represents the Vatican City, an independent city-state. And showcases the fusion of faith, art, and history.

4. Piazza di Spagna:

Architectural Splendor:

Piazza di Spagna is famous for the Spanish Steps. Which has been a gathering place for artists, writers, and tourists.

Cultural Relevance:

The area is synonymous with the spirit of the Romantic era. It is a hub for luxury shopping and cultural events.

5. Piazza Navona:

Historical Significance:

Piazza Navona stands on the site of the ancient Stadium of Domitian. It is known for its Baroque architecture.

Architectural Splendor:

The fountains, especially Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers, are masterpieces of Baroque art.

Cultural Relevance:

The square hosts street artists, cafes, and a vibrant atmosphere. Making it a favorite among tourists and locals alike.

6. Pantheon:

Historical Significance:

The Pantheon is a former Roman temple dedicated to all gods. Now serves as a Christian church.

Architectural Splendor:

Its dome, an architectural marvel, was the largest in the world for centuries.

Cultural Relevance:

The Pantheon is a testament to Rome’s ability to blend ancient pagan and Christian elements seamlessly.

7. Piazza Venezia:

Historical Significance:

Piazza Venezia is home to the imposing Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II. It honored Italy’s first king.

Architectural Splendor:

The monument’s grandeur, often referred to as the “wedding cake.” It showcases the architectural ambitions of the late 19th century.

Cultural Relevance:

The square offers a central point for exploring Rome and is a symbol of Italian unification.

8. Campidoglio:

Historical Significance:

Campidoglio is a historic hill and square designed by Michelangelo. It is with the Capitoline Museums housing invaluable collections.

Historical Significance:

Campidoglio is a historic hill and square designed by Michelangelo. It is with the Capitoline Museums housing invaluable collections.

Architectural Splendor:

Michelangelo’s square design and the museum’s architecture are exceptional examples of Renaissance and Baroque styles.

Cultural Relevance:

The museums contain renowned classical sculptures and artworks. Offering a glimpse into Rome’s artistic heritage.

9. Santa Maria in Aracoeli:

Historical Significance:

This church atop the Capitoline Hill dates back to the 6th century. It has witnessed centuries of Roman history.

Architectural Splendor:

Its Romanesque and Gothic architecture is a testament to the evolution of architectural styles in Rome.

Cultural Relevance:

The church houses significant artworks and is a site of religious devotion and historical preservation.

Making the Most of Your Time: Sample Itineraries for Hop on Hop off Bus Rome:

Time is a precious commodity. And making the most of it while exploring Rome is paramount. We’ll not only help you uncover the attractions but also provide sample Itineraries to ensure you optimize your time in the city.

Whether you have a day, a weekend, or an entire week to spare, we’ll offer suggested itineraries. It balances popular landmarks with hidden gems.

These itineraries are designed to help you immerse yourself in Rome’s essence. Providing a seamless blend of history, culture, and local experiences.

With these meticulously crafted plans, you can savor the best of Rome.

Note: This is a sample Itinerary. For an actual Rome Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour Itinerary, contact Rome Tour Tickets.

1. Rome Highlights in One Day:


  • Start at Piazza della Repubblica (Route 1) and nearby places like Rome’s Opera House.
  • Lunch: Grab a bite at a local trattoria


  • Continue with Route 2

  • Explore Santa Maria Maggiore to Opium Hill

2. Ancient Rome Experience:


  • Start at the Colosseum (Route 3)

  • Explore the Colosseum, Imperial Forum, and Palatine Hill

  • Lunch: Dine at a nearby restaurant


  • Continue with Route 4

  • Stroll through Trastevere

  • Evening: Have dinner in the Trastevere area

3. Art and Culture Lovers:


  • Start at Piazza Venezia (Route 5)

  • Explore the Theatre of Marcellus and Trajan’s Column

  • Lunch: Enjoy lunch in the charming Campo de’ Fiori


  • Continue with Route 6

  • Visit St. Peter’s Basilica and Vatican Museums (Sistine Chapel)

  • Evening: Visit the Pantheon and dine at a local restaurant

4. Green Spaces and Art:


  • Start at Villa Borghese (Route 7)

  • Visit the Bioparco (Zoo)

  • Lunch: Enjoy lunch in the vicinity


  • Continue with Route 8

  • Visit Piazza Barberini and Trevi Fountain

  • Evening: Return to your favorite spot or explore more of Route 7

5. Extended Exploration (2 Days or More):

Spread the above itineraries over multiple days. It allows for more in-depth exploration, leisurely museum visits, and extra time at each stop.

Mix and match routes based on personal interests.

City Sightseeing Rome: A Closer Look at What’s More in Rome Hop-on Hop-off Sightseeing Tour

Rome Hop-on Hop-off Sightseeing Tour

Hop-On Hop-Off Rome Night Tour: An Enchanting Experience:

Imagine yourself aboard a double-decker bus. The warm Roman night breeze on your skin, and the city’s iconic landmarks illuminated like jewels in the dark.

This is the essence of the Hop-On Hop-Off Rome Night Tour. An enchanting experience that offers a fresh perspective on Rome’s timeless beauty.

Like the daytime tours, the night tour allows you to hop on and off at various stops. Giving you the flexibility to explore at your own pace.

Whether you want to linger by the Colosseum or admire the Vatican from up close, it’s all within your reach.

Don’t let the opportunity to explore Rome by night slip away. Discover the city’s timeless charm as it sparkles under the moonlight.

Rome Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Reviews: Insights from Travelers

To get a well-rounded perspective on this experience, you must check the Reviews.

Incorporating insights from fellow travelers, the tour emerges as an excellent way to navigate the city. With flexibility, comprehensive coverage, and the allure of night tours, this experience offers a captivating journey.

Sample Review 1:

“The hop-on-hop-off tour provided an excellent way to gain a comprehensive overview of the city while delving into its rich history. This agency offered a hassle-free and straightforward service, allowing us to explore the city’s finest attractions seamlessly.”

Sample Review 2:

“Participating in this tour is an absolute game-changer, and the sheer enjoyment of the hop-on-hop-off experience is beyond imagination! I booked the 1-day service, which covered over 8 stops if I recall correctly. Every stop is conveniently located near renowned attractions, granting us the privilege of experiencing them up close and personal.”

Most Asked Questions about the Rome Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

The Historical Tiber River in Rome
Image Source: wallpapers.com

What is the best way to get around Rome by public transport?

Getting around Rome by public transport is convenient and cost-effective. The best way to get around Rome depends on your specific itinerary and preferences.

For most visitors, a combination of the metro, buses, and walking will provide an efficient and enjoyable way to explore the city.

Use the metro for longer distances. Buses for neighborhood exploration. And your own two feet for leisurely strolls through Rome’s charming streets.

But most importantly, Rome Hop On Hop Off Tours is the ideal one.

Is Hop on Hop off worth it in Rome?

Well for those who are visiting Rome for a short while a Hop on Hop off tour in Rome is definitely for them. Since they can view the whole city and a few well-known historical landmarks within 2 hours.

In fact, these tourists can keep a mental note of the places they would like to explore further the next time they visit Rome.

This tour is also beneficial for elderly people and those who have trouble walking. They can hop onto the bus and enjoy the breathtaking view of the city.

But then again the tickets are quite expensive compared to what the tour offers. Hence those who are visiting Rome on a certain budget should look for other ways to explore the city. Also, the buses are big in size, whereas the streets in Rome are fairly narrow. As a result, it stirs up quite a bit of traffic.

In some cases, tourists have complained that instead of enjoying a nice bus ride. They in fact end up sitting in neverending traffic under the scorching sun, especially those who sit at the top. The overall expert could be unpleasant at times too.

What is the best hop on off bus Rome?

The best hop-on-hop-off bus tour operator in Rome can vary. It depends on individual preferences and needs.

The “best” hop-on-hop-off bus tour for you will depend on factors. Such as your itinerary, the routes that cover the attractions you want to see. And your personal preferences regarding commentary style, frequency of stops, and the duration of your ticket.

It’s a good idea to research each operator’s routes. Read reviews. And consider what fits your needs and interests best before making a choice.

How long is Hop on Hop off Rome?

The whole bus tour lasts around 24 hours / 48 hours / 72 hours as it covers around 7- 8 tourist sites. Also, the bus has to pick up and drop off tourists according to their wishes. Keep in mind that there may be traffic. So it is always best to keep at least 10-15 minutes extra in your hands.

When does Hop On Hop Off start in Rome?

There are various bus companies that offer the Hop On Hop Off tour. Mainly it starts at 9 am. Luckily there are buses leaving every 15-20 minutes. So if you have missed one bus there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Just wait for a few minutes until you can hop onto the next one.

Also, those who want to cherish the spectacular view of Rome at night can always opt for a night tour. Although there are a few bus companies that offer this service.

Can I bring luggage on the Hop On Hop Off bus tour?

It is strongly advisable not to carry luggage and large bags on the bus tour.

Firstly the buses are usually full of people.

Secondly, you should get down and take a closer look at the historical landmarks.

Usually, visitors carry a small bag in order to keep their necessary belongings. Such as sunglasses and a bottle of water.

Can you buy Hop On Hop Off tickets on the bus?

Yes, tickets are available on the bus and also at kiosks near bus stops. But to be on the safe side it will be wiser to purchase the tickets in advance, especially during the holiday season. Otherwise, there may be no room for passengers to board.

How much does the Hop On Hop Off bus tour cost in Rome?

Generally, the price varies according to the bus company. Usually, it starts from $20 for adults. Children under the age of 5 can travel for free.

Children between the ages of 5yrs – 17yrs get a 50% concession on tickets. But it is best to keep in mind that the price of tickets slightly varies according to different companies.

Where can I buy Rome Hop On Hop Off bus tickets online?

Rome Tour Tickets offers 24,48 and 72-hour passes to the Hop on hop off bus tickets.

The tour is available on a daily basis from 9 am -5 pm. The bus includes a professional audio guide. This will help you to understand the details of the famous landmarks in 7 different languages. Also, you can enjoy free wifi facilities.

By purchasing Rome Tour Tickets you will be able to catch a view of many monuments and landmarks. Some of them are the Colosseum, Villa Borghese, Circus Maximus, Piazza Venezia, St. Peter’s, Piazza Barberini, National Rome Museum, Piazza Vittorio, and many others.

Final Word

The Rome Hop On Hop Off Tours is for those who have a very short amount of time in their hands when visiting Rome. But then again there is the option of choosing from different tickets. Which allows one to explore the city at their own pace.

It is always a good idea to book the tickets in advance in order to secure seats on the date of travel. Make sure you travel light as excess baggage would be a hassle to look after.

Each tour takes approximately a couple of hours to complete starting early in the morning. Luckily children get a 50% discount on their tickets reducing overall costs.

Many Rome hop on hop off bus tour has been suggested in the blog along with the ticket prices. So you can easily choose the required tour.

Personally, I would recommend this tour. As it would be a different experience. Since the audio guide is available in multiple languages. It should be pretty easy to understand the details.

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