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Get your hands on our skip-the-line Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel tickets and smoothly avoid the long queues in front of the museum. Our skip-the-line Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel tour tickets allow you to spend more time inside admiring the world-famous art pieces.

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Faster than Skip-the-line Entry Ticket to the Vatican

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to gaze at the famous Michelangelo’s masterpieces using Sistine Chapel tickets. We bring out the perfect solution for you. With our skip-the-line Vatican tickets, you can now peacefully enjoy iconic art pieces with easy entry. No more wasting time by waiting outside. Be your own host while exploring the museum and Sistine Chapel. And take your delightful time to soak into the beautiful jewels at Vatican City. You are saving waiting hours with our Vatican Museum skip-the-line tickets which now you can invest inside to visit the state of the Pope at your own pace.

Highlights of the Vatican Museum Skip-the-line Tickets

When you purchase Vatican Museums skip-the-line tickets, you can enjoy several highlights without having to wait in the regular entrance queues.

Explore the biggest museum full of vintage and antique sculptures & frescoes at Vatican City. The Gallery of Candelabra, Tapestries, and everyone’s favorite the Gallery of Maps. Taking a Vatican skip-the-line tour is equally beautiful and informative. You can look at the 300 years old unified Italy at one glance at the Gallery of Maps.

Highlights of the Skip-the-line Sistine Chapel Tickets

When you purchase skip-the-line Sistine Chapel tickets, you can directly access this iconic masterpiece without waiting in the regular entrance queues.

Another great skip-the-line Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel tour you can take using our skip-the-line ticket is the Sistine Chapel. Once you are inside you can experience the most celebrated artworks by Michelangelo. His painting always shows the sheer magnitude. While you are inside the Chapel, you will see the beautiful frescoes. With only a ticket and no accompanying guide, it’s possible to get lost around the enormous museum. For that, if you want we provide you with the map and also be aware of the Vatican City visitor information as a reference.

It’s important to note that the Sistine Chapel is located within the Vatican Museums, and skip-the-line tickets specifically for the Sistine Chapel may not be available. However, skip-the-line tickets for the Vatican Museums generally include access to the Sistine Chapel. By bypassing the regular entrance queues, you can directly immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of the Sistine Chapel.


  • Explore Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums with our skip-the-line tickets.

  • See the famous artworks without waiting in the queue.

  • See the stunning masterpieces of Michelangelo.

  • Explore the museums at your own pace and as long as you want.

  • Get our helpful map to see the Vatican artworks.

What is included

  • Skip-the-Line Ticket

  • Instant ticket delivery

  • Mobile Voucher

  • Map of the Vatican Museums

  • Service Fee & Reservation

What is not included

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off

  • Gratuities

  • Food and drinks

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Vatican is something special and difficult to put into words

The Vatican is something special that attracts a huge crowd everyday from opening to closing time. I Booked the tickets online 3 days before the tour and my wife almost made us late to miss the booking time since she forgot to take her purse from the hotel room. Since we had booked skip the line tickets so we didn't have to wait in the line and we entered almost the last minute of our booked slot. Enjoyed this trip to vatican. Recommended.



Self exploration taught me more.

The Sistine Chapel was huge and mind blowing! I’ve spent almost 4 hours inside and all the magnificent art galleries didn’t allow me to move my eyes. I absorbed the amusing beauty of these great works. Quick entry to the Vatican also allowed us to stay longer and didn’t waste my time waiting outside in the line. Will surely visit the Vatican again if I get a chance to go to Rome!



It couldn’t have been better

It seems to me that I had it all. Yes! The experience was great. I just followed guidelines and visited every room with great excitement. In my opinion, I enjoyed it to the fullest and the trip couldn't have been better!



maxed out our expectations

I was so happy after getting out of the Vatican. It was so perfect. Quick entrance, professional service, taking pictures, watching the marvellous arts and everything I experienced was just amazing. Surely an unforgettable one!



Great visit to the Vatican

Great value for the price! Book the tickets online and beat the skin piercing hot summer. You don’t have to wait in line for a long time if you have this ticket so it’s a recommended one from me.



A must see!

We went to Rome over Xmas, the busiest period so collecting tickets was difficult. Due to the unbelievable number of tourists we wanted to avoid the queues. So I found this website and bought a ticket online and guess what! We were able to avoid the long lines on busy days. The trip was so good.



Quick and satisfactory

It was indeed a satisfactory visit to the smallest state of the world. Without wasting minutes in the queue we got quick entry to the museums. It was packed inside but we followed the guidelines given by the company and happily finished the tour.



Go with the skip the line no waiting entry

Are you planning to visit the Vatican? Book the skip the line tickets which will help you to get a quick entry to Museums. It’s a recommendation if you want to save time and want to stay longer in the museums.



I was on fire!

I was on fire! Yes!!! Not being a history fan it was not normal for me. I had no such Idea the Vatican had this much in store for me. Awe-inspiring artworks, painting, frescos, staggering galleries, and all other things that I saw took me in a wonderful world of historical excellence. So great and mus-go trip!!



Enjoyed the tour but a little sad for not taking enough pictures.

We were four friends and two of us are photographers. So, we are visiting a place and our shutter is staying lazy. No way! We couldn’t take pictures inside Sistine Chapel at all. The gerd are very alert there and it’s totally impossible. We all were so taken in by the beauty of Sistine Chapel but at the same time I was sad for not getting allowed to take pictures.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The disabled visitors who have verified invalidity of more than 74% are given free admission to the Vatican Museums. Additionally, free entry is offered to a companion for those tourists who are not self-sufficient.

We don’t offer free tickets for disabled visitors. These free entry tickets for the disabled and accompanying persons are distributed directly at the special permissions and/or reception desks in the museum hall upon presentation of an invalidity certificate. When necessary, a companion of a visitor with a disability is given priority skip-the-line entry.

If you need a wheelchair, you can obtain one from the Museum cloakroom for free with a valid ID and a deposit.

It's not always simple for persons with disabilities to enter sites or museums, and many might not even be aware that they are entitled to free admission. The staff of the Vatican Museums is always sensitive to the needs of visitors with disabilities. The Vatican has made accessible to Blind and Deaf visitors by designing appropriate free tours that are offered upon request. Visitors with disabilities cannot tour the Vatican Gardens.

With the skip-the-line Vatican Museums tickets at the Vatican City, you will get the quickest access to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. We also provide a Vatican Museum map alongside so you don’t get lost in this maze-like complex and can experience all the must-see masterpieces.

You have to show up at the meeting place 25 minutes before the skip-the-line Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel tour start time and from there you can directly enter the museum, walk past the entire crowd. The beautiful experience you will achieve inside the museums will be ruined if you have to spend hours in the queue. But now with Vatican fast track tickets, you just have to come on time and waltz into the museum by side walking the crowds.

Obviously! The lines outside the museum are horrendous. If you don’t visit the place you will not understand how crowded this place can get, especially during popular months. And with the help of this ticket, you can easily skip that crowd and go directly inside the museum. You don’t even have to purchase the ticket at that place. Buy tickets online and make your trip to Vatican seamless.

Yes, it is highly recommended to buy Vatican tickets in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons, as it helps you avoid long queues and ensures your preferred entry time. The Vatican Museums, including the Sistine Chapel, can get quite busy, so purchasing tickets ahead of time allows for a smoother and more efficient visit.

We offer the option to book Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel tickets online in advance through our official website. The availability of tickets and the booking window may vary depending on the time of year and any special events or circumstances. If you face any difficulty, kindly contact us before booking skip the line Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel tour.

To make your visit hassle-free, it's essential to understand the different Vatican ticket options & their prices.

You will get a free pass to enter the St. Peter’s Basilica on your own after your tour of Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel ended.

It is important to be aware that access to St. Peter's Basilica may occasionally be restricted for various reasons beyond our control. Please note that this access is not included as part of our tour.

Yes, the Vatican is now open to visitors for tourists. We offer skip-the-line Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel tickets to visit these main tourist spots.

However, It's advisable to check the official Vatican Museums website or contact us directly for the most up-to-date information on visitor access, opening hours, ticket availability, and any specific guidelines or restrictions that may be in place.

Due to the dynamic nature of the situation, it's important to stay informed about travel advisories, health guidelines, and any entry requirements before planning your visit to Vatican City.

The skip-the-line Vatican tickets prices can vary depending on several factors. Including the type of ticket, age category, and any additional services or privileges included. Here is a general breakdown of the ticket prices:

Full Ticket: The standard full ticket for adults (ages 26-64) was priced at around €37.
Youth: The ticket price for youth is around €26 (ages 6-17)

Reduced Ticket: Reduced-price tickets were available for certain categories such as children (ages 6-18), students (up to age 25 with a valid student ID

Free Entry: Children under the age of 6 were eligible for free entry to the Vatican Museums.

It's important to note that these prices are subject to change. It's recommended to check with us directly for the most up-to-date ticket prices.

All children under the age of 6 can enter free of charge and without reservations. And young tourists ages 6 to 18 can enjoy discounts on the total price. They must show a valid passport proving their age.

Students under 25 years old also can avail themselves of the discounts but need to come with a valid Student ID and legal documents such as a passport, driving license, etc for proof of eligibility.

While booking Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel tickets online, it’s important to know the following reasons - Why can't you take pictures in the Sistine Chapel?

No, photography is not allowed inside the Sistine Chapel. The Vatican strictly prohibits the use of cameras, including smartphones, for photography or video recording within the chapel. This policy is in place to preserve the artwork, maintain a reverent atmosphere, and respect the copyrights of the art displayed.

Visitors are expected to refrain from taking photographs or recording videos while inside the Sistine Chapel. There are signs and announcements reminding visitors of this rule, and staff members are present to ensure compliance.

However, it's worth noting that photography is generally permitted in other areas of the Vatican Museums leading up to the Sistine Chapel. Visitors are often allowed to take pictures in the museums' galleries, courtyards, and other designated areas. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the specific photography policies of the Vatican Museums and adhere to them during your visit.

To buy tickets for the Vatican Museums, you have to follow the below steps:

Visit Rome Tour Tickets to purchase online Vatican Museum tickets. You can select the date and time of your visit, choose the type of ticket you need, and complete the purchase securely on the website. This is the recommended and most convenient method to ensure you have your tickets in advance.

It is important to note that ticket availability and prices can vary. So it is recommended to check the official Vatican Museums website for the most up-to-date information and to make your purchase.

The closing time of the Vatican Museums can vary depending on the day of the week and the time of year. Typically, the Vatican Museums close in the late afternoon. Here are the general closing times:

Monday to Saturday: The Vatican Museums close at around 6:00 PM or 6:30 PM.

Last Sunday: The Vatican Museums close earlier on last Sundays, usually around 1:00 PM or 2:00 PM.

However, it's important to note that these closing times are subject to change. The Vatican Museums may have special opening hours or closure dates for various reasons. Including holidays, maintenance, or special events. Therefore, it's always advisable to check the official Vatican Museums website or contact us directly to get the most up-to-date information on closing times for the specific date of your visit.

Vatican Museums generally open in the morning. The exact opening hours can vary depending on the day of the week and the time of year.

The Sistine Chapel generally opens at the same time as the Vatican Museums since it is located within the museum complex. The opening hours for the Vatican Museums, including the Sistine Chapel, can vary depending on the day of the week and the time of year.

Vatican Museums are generally open on the last Sundays of every month, but they tend to have shorter opening hours compared to other days of the week. On Sundays, the Vatican Museums typically close earlier than usual.

While the Vatican Museums may be open on last Sundays, it's important to note that access to St. Peter's Basilica may have different regulations on Sundays. St. Peter's Basilica is a separate entity within Vatican City, and it may have its own opening hours and restrictions on certain days, including Sundays, for liturgical ceremonies and services.

Yes, the Sistine Chapel is located within the Vatican Museums. It is one of the final stops along the museum route. Visitors must pass through various galleries and rooms before reaching the Sistine Chapel.

The entrance to the Sistine Chapel is accessed through the Vatican Museums. Visitors follow a designated path that leads them through different sections of the museums, including the Raphael Rooms, Gallery of Maps, and other notable areas. The route eventually leads to the Sistine Chapel.

The duration of a visit to the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel can vary greatly depending on your level of interest, the pace at which you explore, and the crowds present during your visit. Generally, visitors spend around 3 to 4 hours exploring the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel.

The Vatican Museums are vast and house an extensive collection of art and historical artifacts, including paintings, sculptures, tapestries, and more. There are multiple galleries, rooms, and sections to explore, such as the Raphael Rooms, Gallery of Maps, and Egyptian Museum, among others. Taking the time to appreciate the artwork and read about its history can significantly contribute to the overall duration of your visit. We recommend booking our Vatican fast-track tickets to Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel which can offer you a flexible timetable to tour around these places.

When visiting the Vatican Museums, it is important to dress appropriately and respectfully. The Vatican has a dress code in place to maintain the sanctity and reverence of the holy site. Here are some guidelines on what to wear:

Modest Clothing:

Both men and women should ensure their clothing covers their shoulders and knees. Avoid wearing sleeveless shirts, tank tops, shorts, or skirts that are above the knee. It's best to choose clothing that is conservative and modest.

No Revealing or Tight Clothing:

Avoid wearing clothing that is tight, transparent, or revealing, as this is considered inappropriate for a religious site. It's important to show respect by dressing in a manner that is modest and not overly revealing.

Comfortable Shoes:

The Vatican Museums cover a vast area, and you will likely do a lot of walking. It's advisable to wear comfortable shoes that are suitable for walking and exploring for an extended period.

It is best to be at the tour meeting spot 25 minutes early. It is the customer's duty to arrive on time. If you arrive late or don’t show up, we are sorry but we cannot accommodate you because we are already at the tour destination with other participants. Furthermore, the Vatican tour ticket price is non-refundable. A refund or cancellation of the Vatican ticket is not possible. As a result, if you miss it, you will not be refunded your ticket money.

If you have any issue with mobility, you have to contact us for private access. But one thing should be noted, the sites are not wheelchair accessible. So if you use one unfortunately you can’t visit this place.

You can bring a small bag with you that has the necessary items. During the visit, do not bring any large bags or luggage, as it is not permissible to enter the attraction with large bags.

Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel are open every day from 9 am to 4 pm, except Sunday.

Please note that St. Peter's Basilica is closed on Easter, December 24 and 31, and other religious holidays.

The Basilica is a place of worship that may be closed for religious activities without warning; in this case, you can not access the St. Peter’s Basilica, and access is not included in this ticket. You will get a Free Pass to enter St. Peter’s Basilica on your own.

Normally, St. Peter's Basilica has another door that allows visitors to walk straight from the Sistine Chapel to the Basilica. However, please note that this door might occasionally be closed due to various reasons beyond our control.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. This is only applicable for the skip-the-line ticket. There are other relevant guided tours available for the Vatican. That information you can discover on our website’s Vatican Tours page. Or simply call us to take the guided tour.

With the skip-the-line Vatican tickets, you can now explore the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums as well as see the famous artworks inside the museums for as long as you want.

This isn't the tour; they are just tickets. On our website's Vatican tour page, you'll find more tours that are closely linked to this one. For additional information, please stop by or give us a call.

If you forget to reserve your tickets to the Vatican or the Sistine Chapel in advance, don't stress. You can still go by doing a last-minute booking. These tickets to the Sistine Chapel & Vatican Museums ensure your admission to the world-famous art collections and offer skip-the-line entry so you don't waste time waiting in lengthy queues.

The last-minute booking is non-refundable. If you need to cancel your ticket, please notify us at least 24 hours before your scheduled departure time.

Call us at +39 06 2757630 to cancel any trip; we're available Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm. Please review other cancellation-related FAQ of this tour and the Cancellation & Refund Policy of Rome Tour Tickets before canceling this tour.

At Rome Tour Tickets, we are acutely aware of the current circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are solely responsible for keeping you up to date with the most correct information.

After the post-COVID-19, reserving your ticket online is required in order to avoid unnecessary gathering in the ticket office.

There is no longer a requirement for a Green Pass, vaccination certificate, or test certificate to access the Vatican. Furthermore, there is no certificate needed to enter restaurants, museums, historical sites, etc. When traveling to Vatican City, there is no need for quarantine.

You need to take the following measures while on the tour:

  • You are required to wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose the entire time you are here. Wearing a mask is still required in some locations.
  • Maintain a social distance while on the tour.
  • While entering the venues, the visitor's temperature could be checked. A body temperature of 37.5° C or above may prevent entry to the location.
  • Due to social distance, guided tours now only allow a certain number of participants, including the guides.

Visit Covid-19 Travel Notice for the most up-to-date travel information during this epidemic.

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