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06 Jan 2022 Vatican

Early Morning Vatican small group tour includes exclusive Vatican breakfast as well. If you are looking forward to it, we welcome you to read further.

Early access vatican tour with Breakfast allows you to enjoy the museums in the fresh morning air. Early in the morning, your Guide will meet you outside the Vatican Museums. And take you for the American-style buffet breakfast in the lovely Courtyard.

Take your sweet little time devouring into the Vatican delicacies. Not to mention with an amazing ancient view.

After the Vatican breakfast you will be led through the maze of beautiful Vatican city. There are so many renowned art collections to explore.

So how are you gonna decide your journey at the Vatican? And how the Vatican breakfast tour looks – everything will be explained here.

So be comfy on your seat. We’re about to embark on a VIP Vatican Breakfast Tour.

What does the Vatican Breakfast Tour look like?

Enjoy the exclusive Vatican breakfast tour

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An early morning Vatican Tour comes with two exclusive encounters. One is sightsee-ed out without the daytime crowd. And going out for an exclusive Vatican Breakfast.

Depending on the season you choose, the Vatican breakfast is served in either the Restaurant Area or the Pinecone Courtyard of the Vatican Museums. It begins at 7:15 a.m. But you should reach the meeting point by 7 a.m. You will experience a hearty cooked breakfast shared with up to 30 other people.

You can also choose the hotel pick-up option. In this case, your guide will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the Vatican for a morning tour. This service is optional. It comes with an extra charge.

While the Vatican Museums are still closed to the public, after the breakfast buffet you can ponder the masterpieces at your leisure. Surprisingly with no crowd!

Following the meal, you can tour the galleries of sculptures, paintings, and tapestries. You’ll pass through lovely gardens on your way to St. Peter’s Basilica. Not to mention, Bernini’s Baldachino and Michelangelo’s Pietà, as well as the monumentality of the Basilica.

A Complete Itinerary of early morning Vatican tour

Explore the morning tour at Vatican city

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Rome is one of Europe’s most visited cities. As a result, Vatican City is one of Rome’s most popular tourist sites. So it guaranteed that the Vatican is incredibly crowded.

For that, a morning tour to Vatican City should be included in your Rome itinerary. Traveling from Rome to Vatican City allows you to see three major sights: St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, and the Vatican Museum.

With slightly over 100 acres, Vatican City is the world’s smallest country. So It making quite convenient to visit the Vatican while in Rome.

And to do that you’ll need to plan ahead of time. Make the most of your stay in Vatican City by advance booking.

There are few options you can choose to see the Vatican city in the daytime. But we suggest you go for Early Morning Private Vatican tours. An early tour to the Vatican is a terrific option for people to explore a Mediterranean era.

Early entrance Vatican tours come with two types,

  • Live-Guided tour
  • Audio-guided tour

Live-Guided tour

This is the option where you can take use of a real-life tour guide who will accompany you during your tour. Human interaction will never be surpassed or replaced.

Live-guided tours help you uncover other hidden gems in the Vatican. You don’t need to do any planning ahead of time than show up at the correct place at the right time. Everything else will be handled by the guided tour service.

In a new environment, tour guides provide a sense of security.

Audio-guided tour

This option is for you if you opt for a self-guided tour. That means, there won’t be any in-person tour guide. Rather you are doing it all by yourself. But this does not imply that you will lose all of the benefits of having a tour guide.

With audio-guided tours, you will get the necessary narration and navigation facility. The only disadvantage is, you can’t ask any question and get answers.

The most significant advantage of such a tour is that you have complete control over your itinerary. You can explore around the Vatican city as long as you want. No one’s gonna stop you. And you can choose which site to visit first.

Audio guided tours are often directed by multilingual narration. So you can get the tour commentary in your preferred language. Also it’s the cheapest choice of guided tour.

Breakfast at Vatican’s

Take an early morning Vatican tour

As you have selected to take an early morning Vatican tour. So explore the city with exclusive private tour services. With fast track entry and early access you will get all the privileges of visiting museums, art galleries and archeological sites.

The experience and professionalism you will get will satisfy all your tour requests.

Start your morning tour with a lavish breakfast at Vatican city. As well as enjoy early access to the finest galleries and the Sistine Chapel.

While the Vatican Museums are still closed to the general public, your opulent brunch will take place outside.

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. And who’ll miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience of having delicious breakfast in this unique setting.

If you do not opt for a guided Vatican breakfast tour. We’ve compiled a list of restaurants near the Vatican that you can visit for a delicious treat.


Coromandel is one of the best for taking breakfast, brunch, and afternoon tea. You will find various delicious breakfast collections here. The menu ranges from paninis, eggs, bacon, smoothies and several tea collections. It should be your first choice if you are interested in having breakfast at the Vatican.

Bakery House

Bakery House welcomes you to join for exclusive Roman breakfast here. Whether you are going to have lunch, afternoon coffee and sweets, or American brunch this is the place you should go. Every day, sweet and savory breakfasts are available here. Along with house special pastries and cakes.

Bar Latteria Giuliani

It is known for its Italian breakfasts. You will find cappuccino and pastries here. This is not just another brunch spot. But a real Roman establishment where Romans come and go on a daily basis.

Things to Do or Don’ts at Vatican Breakfast tour

Everyone at some point in life gets ripped off while taking a breakfast tour at the Vatican. So to warn you we bring some handful of travel advice. With that you may avoid being ripped off in Italy’s restaurants and cafés.

  1. Don’t fall for tourist traps. Restaurants near the Vatican museum are more likely to charge inflated prices. So tips is to avoid those places where you see many non-Italians tourists.
  2. Don’t rely on word-of-mouth. Near the touristy establishment you might see some hosts asking to try their food. Or constantly telling their lucrative house special.
  3. Avoid sitting in the Italians “bar”. Why? Because the prices here double or triples as soon as you sit down. So learn how to drink coffee like an Italian to avoid paying extra charge.
  4. Waiters will occasionally inquire if you would like something from the house special. Sometimes the house special costs an arm and a leg. So it’s best to know what you are ordering. Rather than instructing the waiter to bring anything. Go through the menu, order something you like and be clear with your order.
  5. Make sure your bill is itemized when the waiter presents it to you. Sometimes restaurants present the whole amount all together. In that scenario, request a detailed bill. It’s the only way to figure out you’re not being overcharged.

Exclusive Art Tour at Vatican City

There’s so much to see at the Vatican. From the Sistine Chapel to the Vatican Museums, it’s difficult to know where to begin. An Early Morning Vatican Private tour allows you to make the most of your time and customize your schedule according to your preferences.

Enjoy exclusive art tour at Vatican city

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Vatican Museum

The Vatican Museum declared the world’s most important museums. A visit to them is a must for anybody taking an early access Vatican small group tour.

Here find the collections that the popes have amassed over time inside the Vatican Museums. It contains great masterpieces of all time that have become the priceless record of ancient age.

It not only holds the magnificent art collections, archeology, and ethnology. But also holds the most unique and historically and artistically significant masterpieces.

Sistine Chapel

Sistine chapel is famous for two things, apart from Michelangelo’s paintings. The museum’s ceiling is really higher than usual. And you will see a lot of paintings there.

It took four years to complete the painting of the ceiling. Due to which Michelangelo’s health suffered a lot. Nevertheless It was well worth the effort.

Sistine Chapel is an essential part of Italian Renaissance art history. It holds some of the period’s most famous images. That is why it’s a must to take private vatican early morning tours.

St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica is the holiest and must-see place in Rome. Thousands of pilgrims and tourists visit St. Peter’s Basilica each month. This majestic structure was built on the site of St. Peter’s grave.

Because St. Peter is thought to be buried under this basilica, visiting his tomb can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. On this fascinating underground tour, you’ll witness ancient tombs, paintings, sarcofagi, and much more.

At Vatican City, there is so much to see and do. Before signing up for an early morning Vatican tour, make sure you do your homework.

We’ve included all of the information you’ll need to make the most of your time here.

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